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Sofia Hub is part of the global network Global Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic forum. It’s a worldwide network of more than 400 city-based Hubs developed and led by promising young leaders who want to build on their achievements and entrepreneurial drive to make a positive contribution to their communities. It is an independent, neutral, non-political and not-for-profit. Currently, shapers come from a range of different sectors, including business, human rights, media, science, education.

What does a shaper “shape”?

Shapers are highly motivated individuals who have a great potential for future leadership roles in society. They are selected on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to make a difference in their community. Through the Global Shapers Community, Shapers are provided with opportunities to connect with the worldwide network of Global Shapers, to network with other World Economic Forum communities, and to represent the voice of youth at World Economic Forum events. Shapers are united by a common desire to channel the members’ tremendous energy and enthusiasm into building a more peaceful and inclusive world. Shapers The Community will have impact by catalyzing and enhancing, individually and collectively, fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Shapers arewill be engaged in projects related to specific challenges identified by the local Hub and by the Global Shapers team headquartered in Geneva. Some of the global projects include issues such as access to water, fighting the spread of Ebola, encouraging more women to enter the IT sphere, environmental protection etc.

We're looking for people who are:

- are between the ages of 20-29 years old;
- passionate about social change, no matter what area - environment, youth development, technology, social policy, or education;
- entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial track record, having already initiated and delivered a major project or founded a company or organisation or having been in an influential position as part of a larger organisation, exceptionally contributing to serving society at large;who are interested and occupied in entrepreneurship, sport, IT, business or sport.

How to apply:

If you want to join the hub fill in the application form until December 4th.
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Applicants that are to turn 30 by April 2017 will be automatically rejected due to the age regulations of the Global Shapers organization.
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